Distributor Topcon Indonesia


• Compact, lightweight, rugged design
• Completely integrated receiver, antenna, batteries, memory, and communications
• Superior multi-constellation Vanguard GNSS chipset
• Integrated multi-channel LongLinkTM communication technology

Compact. Rugged. Advanced. Affordable.
Providing leading edge technology in a new smart, rugged design, the new HiPer SR provides superior performance at an affordable price. The compact, integrated receiver design includes the GNSS board,industry leading Fence AntennaTM, sealed long-life power supply, memory storage and Topcon’s innovative LongLinkTM communication technology.
Using Topcon’s LongLinkTM RTK communication, HiPer SR makes the perfect affordable, small job site system. HiPer SR also makes a great low-cost static GNSS system that can be pre-programmed and operated in the field with just one button. You can also utilize the HiPer SR as a network RTK rover by adding network functionality and a cellular enabled controller
Rugged and Lightweight
The HiPer SR is both lightweight and rugged. It is guaranteed to survive a 2m on the pole drop to concrete. The magnesium metalNhousing is rugged and lightweight.
Integrated Design
HiPer SR brings an innovative combination of compact, lightweight design with advanced technology and performance. The integrated design includes GNSS receiver, power supply, memory, and communications module – all in a rugged, environmentally sealed housing.
Cable-Free Design
This completely integrated receiver operates cable free in the field, with no antennas, battery doors, or connectors to worry about. The mini USB port is completely waterproof.
Vanguard Technology
The latest Topcon GNSS chipset and firmware provide Universal Channel Tracking. The receiver firmware can read existing satellite signals, and new signals planned for the future.
Fence AntennaTM Technology
Provides superior satellite tracking in difficult conditions. The true separator of precision GNSS systems is not how well they can track in open areas, but in real-life situations with a variety of obstructions. When compared to any other RTK receiver available today, the HiPer SR with Fence AntennaTM Technology provides more robust, cleaner signal tracking which means unparalleled results.