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Highly accurate measurements

The DT-202 and DT-205 are provided with a tilt sensor for vertical angle correction assuring a high precision measurement accuracy of 2” (0.6mgon) and 5” (1.5mgon) respectively. The correction range of the tilt sensor is +/- 3’. The DT-202/205 and 207 assures high accuracy angle measurement due to the two-sided detection system for horizontal angle readings. The DT-202 and 205 have 1” (0.2 mgon) minimum reading for both horizontal and vertical angles.


Water and dust protected

All models are protected against penetration by dust and water to the international standard IP66. This ensures that the instruments will perform reliably even under the most difficult site conditions, guaranteeing maximum productivity during working hours and the high reliability of an instrument requiring minimal workshop maintenance.

Data Output

The DT-202 and 205 have an RS-232C serial port that allows data communication with data collectors or computers.

Compact and light weight

The DT-200 is extremely compact and lightweight for easy portability. DT-209 weighs only 3.4 Kg including batteries.

Simple operation

Topcon has combined precise reliable measurement in an easy to use, functional package. Anyone on the construction site can use the DT-200 series with only minimal instruction.

Long life battery power

The power supply is provided by 4AA type batteries, which can provide over 140 hours of continuous use.

Easy set up DT-202, DT-205 and DT-207 have detachable tribrach to make easy exchange between traverse stations. The DT-209 has a fixed tribrach to make easy set up on a tripod. The DT-209P “quick centering” model has a shifting base tribrach for quick and easy setup over the required point.

Wide range of applications

An electronic theodolite with a laser pointer is ideal for monitoring applications where many repeat measurements need to be taken. Without looking through the telescope the target can be sighted and the measurement made. In conditions of low lighting where viewing through the telescope is difficult, such as in tunnels or mines, the laser point can clearly identify the required point. For setting out, the person placing the nail or stake can use the laser beam to help him align on the correct direction.

Laser specifications

The laser is a visible red, class 2 laser.Wavelength 633nm with a maximum output power of 0.6mW. The range of the laser beam is approximately 50 meters depending on lighting conditions. The size of the laser spot is approximately 5mm at 20 meters. This varies over distance and depending on conditions.




















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