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Hiper VR

TILT™ – Topcon Integrated Leveling Technology

The HiPer VR incorporates a revolutionary 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and an ultra-compact 3-axis eCompass.

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The HiPer VR is smaller and lighter, but don’t let its small size fool you. It’s not only packed with the most advanced GNSS technology, it is also built to withstand the harshest field environments. Built with a rugged housing – not weak plastic – it can take the punishment of the job site.

Using the Topcon advanced GNSS chipset with Universal Tracking Channels™ technology, the receiver automatically tracks each and every satellite signal above – now and into the future.

All signals, all satellites, all constellations — all in a compact, rugged design, with an integrated IMU and eCompass.


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Universal Tracking Channells for all satelittes, signals, and constellations


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Exsol is making major effort to provides Excellent Solution high-precision for land survey, construction, building applications, automated monitoring system on existing structures, satellite-based Global Navigation Satellite System for surveying, develop labor-saving, computerized land surveying systems, laser equipped tools, and machine control systems.

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