Excellent Solution For Surveying


Layout Navigator

Easy, Speedy and Convenient The Ultimate Solution for Stake-out Operations

– Small & Light weight
– Easy Installation
– Brightness & Visible guide light for guidance
– Oprated by mobile phone and tablet
– Ultra-high speed & Quick response


“Revolutionary Stake-out”
Very useful for Civil Engineers, Site Engineers and for any construction site.





Easy one-button self-leveling setup.
No need to check the bubble level for the installation.






The Layout Navigator automatically turns and faces to
the next stake-out point with the touch on your mobile phone.
No need to turn the Layout Navigator by hand.






Guide light can be used to easily teach stake-out point.
Precise locations are displayed on the mobile phone,
so there is no need to look through the telescope repeatly.

Basic Features
Self Leveling

After the Power is turned ON, the instrument automatically
starts leveling itself, With internal precise tilt sensor and
motorized mechanism. Conventional way for leveling the
instrument with foot screws were totally eliminated.

Quick Response

On-screen prism location in real time thanks to high
speed data updates at 20 times per second.


Works anywhere
260m diameter range, Maximum vertical angle is +55 degree.
It covers the construction site to do stake out works.


Easy guidance
After identifying the stake-out point, Layout Navigator
will guide you in the rough direction with guide light.


Rugged and Compact design
– Small and light weight
– Waterproof and dustproof design
– Easy to carry
– Completely sealed housing

Operation with mobile phone
LN-150 can be easily operated with mobile phone



Top Layout
Basic 3D design data stake-out and topo application
Freeware downloadable from Google Play!



MAGNET Construct
– Mobile app for Android and Ios handheld devices
– Built to control robotic total stations, GNSS receivers and Layout navigator
– Longlink technology for a GNSS rover and base connection
– Simple, easy-to-use interface
– Change language and terminology within seconds
– Share files directly via email or through MAGNET Enterprise
– Secure data transfer, both to and from the field

Specification :

Model LN-150
Measuring Range 0.9 – 130m
    Vertical Range +55° to -30°
Measurement Accuracy Distance accuracy : (3.0+2ppmxD)mm
Angle accuracy : 5″
Auto Leveling ±3 degree
Leveling Range
 Inclination Compensation Hydraulic dual-axis inclination sensors
Working Range ±6′
Motor 360°(Horizontal)
Motion Range
Maximum Rotation Speed 60°/second (10rpm)
Guide Light LED (Red 626nm/Green 524nm)
Light Source
Visible Range Horizontal >8°(7m@50 distance)
Laser Plummet  Light source : Laser diode (Class 2)
Light Source LED 635nm
Model LN-150
Communication W-LAN 802.11 n/b/g, 100
Bluetooth Class 1, Usable range : to 130m
Power Supply BDC72 lithium-ion battery
Standard battery
Operating time Approx. 5 hours (continous use, at 20 C)
Dimension 185(W)x198(D)x322(H)mm
Weight Approx. 4 kg (including battery BDC72)
Environmental resistance -20 – +50°C (no condensation)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature -30 – +60°C (no condensation)
Dustproof/Waterproof IP65

Download LN-150 Brochure

Video LN-150



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